Author: John Omisade

Long Exposure Photography

Hi guys, This evening I went out to try some long exposure photography. This is a popular type of photography that involves shooting with a slow shutter speed and a tripod to capture smooth photos that can show motion. Here’s what I got: Thanks for looking and feel free to comment! Follow me on Twitter & Instagram: @John_Omi John

Drawing Cars

Hi guys, I hope you’ve had a good week. A week ago from today, I told you I would be posting some drawings. So since then, I’ve had a go at drawing my own car design off the top of my head. If you’re into cars, it’s an SUV inspired by the BMW M4, the Range Rover Sport 2014 and the alloys from the BMW E60 5 Series. If you’re not into cars, it’s just a car.

Street Photography

Hi again, Today I decided to have a go at street photography. I cycled down to Borough Market and got a few shots. Most of the photos outside of the market were taken while I was cycling so there aren’t many people in them. Next time I might go by foot to capture smaller details. Thanks for looking and feel free to comment! The link for the comments section is at the top of the